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All You Need to Know about Eyebrow Hair Transplant

All You Need to Know about Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery which is also called as eyebrow hair restoration surgery is the permanent and the easiest and effective solution of thinning eyebrows or eyebrow hair loss ever invented. A perfectly shaped, arched and thick eyebrow does not just look good on men but also women. They add to the attraction of the face and make your eyes and face stand out beautifully. However some people do not have the kind of eyebrows that would look good and suit them, which occurs due to many reasons. Sometimes, the eyebrow hair starts to get thinner and frequent eyebrow hair loss also takes place.

Sometimes, imbalance in hormones also causes eyebrow loss and that is why hair loss and eyebrow loss is sometimes associated with each other. Sometimes, wounds injuries or certain types of diseases affect the eyebrows ad they start getting thinner rand thinner and start to fall out. Old age, over-plucking of eyebrows, some autoimmune disorders and thyroid malfunctioning, facial cuts, burns and other injuries and certain genetic conditions can really become a problem and result in the loss of eyebrow.

Eyebrow transplant can either be partial or full; it depends on the condition of the eyebrow and hair loss. An average transplant needs around 30 to 300 follicle units planted on one eyebrow. The process of eyebrow transplant is very much the same as hair transplant as it also requires the extraction and harvesting of donors who can get their eyebrow implant done.

It is very much important that a professional, well-known surgeon conducts the transplant because of the sensitivity of the procedure and the area that is involved itself. The doctor sedates the patient in order to make him completely relaxed and to make the surgery painless for the patient so he would not experience the severe pain.

After that, tiny incisions are made in the eyebrow area through a needle so the reproduction to the pattern of natural growth would start. The time period of the surgery is not limited and it entirely depends on the number of follicles required to be transplanted to the patient. The recovery is not a very tough procedure and requires around just 3 weeks and the patient is required to give rest to the eyebrow area. The pain and wait followed by this eyebrow transplant surgery is worth it because a person is able to get his real eyebrows back.

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