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Beauticians At Choix Beauty Salon Plano Share Simple Tips On How To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

Bare Escentuals are not only easy to apply, they’re actually great for your skin! This mineral make up range is truly life changing. At Choix Beauty Salon Plano, we love the Bare Escentuals mineral makeup foundations. Bare Escentuals foundation suits all skin types and contains pure minerals. Though it looks like a powder, it applies to your skin like a cream and gives a flawless complexion that looks very natural too. Choix Beauty Salon Plano makeup experts share simple steps for applying Bare Escentuals Makeup:

Beauticians At Choix Beauty Salon Plano Share Simple Tips On How To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

Step #1

Prep clean skin for makeup by applying bareVitamins Skin Rever Upper on your face. Blend into the skin, avoiding the eye area.

Step #2

Swirl a kabuki brush into a pinch of your Bare Escentuals Foundation that matches your skin tone. Tap off excess before buffing the product onto your skin from the center of your face outwards. This is the company’s trademark "Swirl, Tap, Buff" technique for applying foundation. Cover your full face with the foundation.

Step #3

Dip a concealer brush into the same foundation you just used to cover the areas of skin that needs special coverage.

Step #4

Swirl a mid size fluffy face brush in a sprinkle of bareMinerals Warmth face color. The amount you use should be even smaller than the pinch of foundation you used. Tap off the brush to remove any excess before running it smoothly over your cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. It should give your skin a healthy glow.

Step #5

Apply your Eye Cheek Lip Makeup which includes eye color, blush and your favorite color natural lip gloss and you are good to go. Tip Do not remove the safety seal on a new foundation but rather pierce it. This will give you more control over the product and allow you to just put only the required amount of product at a time into the lid for application. Applying too much in one go can spoil the flawless finish.

At Choix Beauty Salon in Plano, we have authentic Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup. We highly recommend using this makeup to our clients as this is a very safe and natural makeup line. Next time you walk in to our salon, do not forget to ask your beautician for a sample of Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup. You would love it! Follow us on facebook to get more tips on beauty.


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