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Choix Beauty Salon Plano Experts Shares The Top 3 Tension Areas Of Your Body

We need to be competitive and agile to go that extra mile in this busy world. Hence it is very common that our body muscles get worn and torn in this up and down throughout the week. Our Neck, Throat, Shoulders, Back, Tongue, Abdomen, etc. get very stressed each day.

Professional massage therapists at Choix Beauty Salon Plano share information on the top 3 tension areas of your body.

Choix Beauty Salon Plano Experts Shares The Top 3 Tension Areas Of Your Body

Tension Area #1

When we have a desk job, sitting on our computers throughout the day, or in a wrong position, our neck gets tensed. A stiff neck is the most common problem that people face these days. Our clients always complain of severe neck and shoulder pain when they rest at night. When we forget to do our stretching every few hours, the the neck muscles become tight and hence it gets tough to move your neck. This results in neck stiffness.

Tension Area #2

Over straining may cause the muscle tissues in our shoulders to tear. When the shoulders get stiff or the tissues get torn, initially we may not even realize it for a few weeks. But when it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, it results in a chronic muscle pain. Regular massage can avoid this problem from getting worse.

Tension Area #3

Back is another stress prone area of our body. Incorrect posture is the main culprit. The nervous tension affects the back muscles and leads to muscle fatigue and soreness. The spinal cord needs its share of stretching. When it doesn’t get what it needs, it becomes too stiff to let you even bend down to pick things up. You may not realize this before it’s too late. Back massage is something that we must get often. Can you ever imagine an active life without a trouble free healthy back?

Now, you know the stress prone zones of your body. Let us now learn some useful tips shared by Choix Salon Massage Therapists in Plano on how to reduce tension in the top 3 areas of your body: Make sure you sit in an comfortable and right position at your workplace because this is the place you spend major part of your day. While working, ensure that your feet are flat on the floor, and your back is well positioned and straight in the back rest.

Take short breaks in between and do some easy exercises to relax your muscles. It is a better practice to do some easy breathing exercises and yoga in between your work. Massages are the best way to relax you from both physical and mental stress. There are various types of massages available now.

But choose the best massage centre or salon that has well trained professionals. Because, only right massage can make you tension free. Choix Salon in Plano has the best trained chair massage therapists to help you feel totally uplifted and relaxed. Contact us today for an immediate appointment.



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