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Choix Hair Salon Plano Shares The Top Hairstyle Tips For Men

Choix Hair Salon Plano Shares The Top Hairstyle Tips For Men
Hairstylists at Choix Salon Plano share the top tips for your face type. We have suggested the hairstyle that will go with the most common 4 face types. Our Choix beauty experts say that face shapes impact men’s hairstyles and ultimate image. Here are some hairstyle tips for men based on the face shapes.

Long face :

The best style for long face shape is, the hair should be cut lower on the top than other face shapes, but not essentially shorter. The sides should be full in order to make the top of the head seem lower.

Round Face:

The goal of providing a style for round face is to make you look smart. Adding some waves or curls at eye level will help minimize a full face. Beards can be styled to make the face appear more oval. A smart moustache will also improve the overall appearance and shape of the face.

Square Face:

The most pleasing hairstyle for a man with the square face shape looks best in a hairstyle when it again enhances the square shape. If your face shape includes a softer jaw shape and rectangular lines, then you will look great in messy bangs or a charily layered cut. The other style we can do is leaving hair full on the top, but the fullness is not as critical as on the sides. You can add more definition to your face by maintaining a beard that may cover up the soft jaw line and adding mustache will shorten an overly rectangular or oblong shape. A carefully trimmed goatee can also infuse an element of square ness to a soft chin.

Triangular and Oval:

The best style, for triangular face is to do the hair closely cropped at the crown and near the temples with hair a little longer and or fuller at the back. You can also go with a full beard that would help you to balance and fill out your jaw line. The best style for Oval face is to keep longer hair that gives your face a strong masculine signature.

If you need more assistance on choosing best hair style based on your face shape and personality, contact beauty experts from choix beauty salon in plano. We have the best hairstylists at our Plano Hair Salon.


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