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Choix Salon Plano Share Few Tips To Detoxify For Beauty

Detoxify For Beauty

Modern living has its’ drawbacks to our complexions, our bodies. Try a regular schedule for detoxing to give you healthier skin, body and to add beauty to the way you look.

Stress, late nights, processed foods, lack of exercise, smoke and alcohol all cause overtaxing on our organs, not to mention it’s affect on our complexions. Dull, lifeless skin and fatigue result from poor habits.

Detoxifying your system counteracts these symptoms. By temporarily removing some foods from the diet, you can rest your digestive system, make your skin glow and be refreshed.

Start with eating only fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, just one day every week. During that 24 hour day, avoid nicotine, caffeine, drugs and alcohol or do it forever!

  If you have a serious illness or are pregnant, you should avoid fasting.

 The day before and the day after fasting, avoid meat, sugar, dairy, saturated fats, wheat and complex carbohyrates. Eat simply for maximum results. This can be done.

You will be surprised at how much clearer you will feel by having lots of salads, steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, raw nuts, beans, soups and avocados.

Detoxify for beauty- Choix Beauty Salon Plano


During the three days of fasting, also increase filtered water in your diet. Make sure to drink 8 glasses of filtered water or more. Try to buy organic fruits and vegetables for fasting. If it’s not possible to buy organic fruits and vegetables, wash them with a brush designed to remove pesticides and chemicals. Eat all fruits and vegetables raw. Blend into smoothies, as juice, or prepared as salads. Use lemon juice for salad dressing.


   To help the cleansing, start the day drinking hot lemon tea. Boil filtered water and add fresh lemon juice from sliced lemons. When juicing, add a slice of fresh ginger.

   After success with this regimen for a few weeks, try having a day where you consume only the juices of fruits and vegetables for even better results with detoxing and cleansing. It’s preferable the juices are prepared using a juicer. If that’s not possible, drink organic juices with no additives.

  When you are successful with this regimen, try for three days once or twice a year of consuming only juices.


You will be able to improve your skin and look and feel healthier after fasting on fruits and vegetables for a time! If you have any beauty related questions, please feel free to contact Choix Beauty Salon in Plano, one of the Best Salons in Plano. Our services include Hair cutting, coloring and styling for men and women, Perms, Makeup for brides, Facials, massages, Pedicure, Medicure etc.. You can become our friend in Face book here. Contact us today to book an appointment for a more beautiful you!!


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