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Choix Salon Plano Shares The Latest Short Hairstyle Trends

New Short Hairstyle Trends


Short hair has been fashionable and a favorite for around 90 year now and have never really fade away. It heightened in the 1920s with the short page boy cut being the height of fashion. In the 60s, there came the time of liberation where women strived and felt a new equality and power. It was a time when having short hair made a statement and soon female liberation led to evolution in everything from hair to clothes. Through the years short hair continued to be popular and it is set for a huge boost now.

Short is stylish. Short is chic. Short is convenient. Short hair styles are making a comeback in 2008. One popular short hair style is the bob, as a lot of celebrities are sporting this new look. Celebrities like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes have all donned some great short hairstyles that are a part of the short hair trend.

Short Hair Style Tips by Choix Beauty Salon Plano

Due to the continuously evolving fashion trends in the world, there are numerous short summer hairstyles for girls to take their pick.  Hair stylists from choix beauty salon plano share few trendy short hairstyles. Short hairstyles suit and work for all kind of hair types so you do not really need to care whether your hair is straight or curly and what color your hair is sporting. Short hairstyles also means that your hair requires less maintenance than long hair.

However, the super cute bob hairstyles that sparks a frenzy last year are no longer in style, says hair experts. One of the fashionable trend for 2008 hairstyles would probably be the angled bob style. It is one of the coolest hairstyles, the "angled bob",  as you can shape and angle in any way allowing you more flexibility when choosing a style. The most popular angled bob style is probably the standard shaped bob, one that goes longer in the front part and frames around the rest of your face shape.

Another popular short hairstyle would be the pixie. It is short, spiky and funky to the core. Technically, it can not be said to be a new trend for if you open any old entertainment magazines you would be sure to come upon pictures of Demi Moore, Winona Ryder and Natalie Portman among many others, sporting the pixie look. Audrey Hepburn, herself, was the first world famous beauty to wear the short style. Pixie also known as the crop or a chop is being reintroduced into the fashion scene by cool supermodel Agyness Deyn.

Think twice before you attempt a pixie look; for it takes ages for you hair to grow back. If you ever so regret, even extensions would not help as the traditional hair extensions need at least 5-6 inches of your hair to attach to. Besides that, your face shape and hair type also need to be considered before going for a pixie as well as for any other hair cuts. Pixie is basically not recommended for squarish, round and heart-shaped face. While wavy and curly hair makes a good pixie.

Unlike the bob hairstyle that usually looks flattering on most people, the pixie style may not be as flattering on certain types of people. So hold your horses before you run to the nearest hairstylist for the pixie. However, if you really really desire it then go for it. After all if you are happy with it, who are we to say no.

Short haircuts are ageless. They can make you look younger and belies your age. At the same time, you look more brainy and makes you feel good which in turn leads to a boost in your self confidence and allow you to have more control in life. It is a great option for women who wish to cast off a strong yet feminine image and spend less time fretting over their hair.

Visit us soon for a new hairstyle. Choix Beauty Salon Plano has the best hairstylists in Plano. Follow us on facebook to get personal advices on new hairstyles :)



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