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Choix Salon Plano Shares The Most Beneficial Chair Massage Techniques

Chair Massage is the perfect way to treat your tired body. There are different chair massage techniques which focus on different key stress zones of your upper body. Chair massage is a seated massage where the client sits on a massage chair while the massage therapist gives 15-30 minutes massage through the cloths. While in the chair, the client’s back, neck, shoulders, arms and hips are accessible to the therapist. Massage Chair was first developed by David Palmer in 1986. The purpose of this massage chair was to provide a suitable chair for massage to relax workplace stress

Today everyone is on computer for a major part of the day. This kind of workplace environment can lead to back strain, stiff neck and aching arms, wrists and shoulders. This stiffness leads to loss of blood circulation. When stressed, you cannot feel creative and alert because the mind becomes foggy when our body is stressed out completely. Chair massage is quick and a right therapist can help you say good bye to this workplace stress within 20 to 30 minutes. Massage theraphists at Choix Salon Plano Shares The Most Beneficial Chair Massage Techniques

Choix Salon Plano Shares The Most Beneficial Chair Massage Techniques
There are 3 main types of chair massage techniques used by professional massage therapists today,

1. Compression technique:

This is the most commonly used chair massage technique. It is like acupressure. Compression is usually done in a regular manner. It softens tissues and also prepares the muscles for deeper massage techniques.

2. Squeezing technique:

In this technique, muscle is squeezed between fingers at an optimum contact point to release stress. This technique should be only used on the large muscle groups which are not firmly attached to the underlying muscles. It is therefore important that the massage therapist understands and is able to identify the edges of the muscles to be able to use this technique properly.

3. Kneading techniques:

This technique is massage in circular movements. It helps in releasing muscle tension and soreness by stretching and lifting muscles. It also increases blood circulation.

Techniques are productive when they are used by expert massage therapist who understands the basic anatomy of human body. Choix Beauty Salon in Plano brings to you the perfect chair massage by offering high quality massage services offered by highly trained professionals. At Choix, you get the best massage therapists in Plano, Texas and the perfect environment for a great massage experience. We are a full service salon based in Plano, Texas. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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