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Follicular Hair Transplant – What This Term is All About

´╗┐Follicular Hair Transplant – What This Term is All About

Baldness, thinning of hair, hair fallout is an extremely common problem these days and since there is no medication invented to control these things, therefore the patients do not have much choice left except for going out and getting a hair transplant done. Today many people, surgeons and doctors recommend follicular hair transplant because of a number of reasons. This method is worlds ahead of the standard hair transplant procedure and followed by many other surgeons all around the world.

Follicular hair transplant method is basically a process where hair transplantation surgery takes place in which hair is relocated in regular units and since the procedure of transplanting hair unit by unit might be lengthened, therefore it is sometimes completed in tow sessions until normal outcome is achieved. This surgery is most effective and gives ultimate natural results because the procedure is carried on hair by hair and it gives a scalp that looks naturally full of hair even if it is inspected very closely.

Follicular hair transplant is a sensitive surgery and therefore should be performed by a well-known doctor or someone who is an expert in this field. The procedure should be carried on with extreme care and caution and the patient is required to observe care after the surgery for some weeks too. The follicular units are basically very sensitive structures and units if their size and location is determined by the surgeon, then widened or visible scars can be prevented.

The surgeon is required to cause minimum scars in the scalp and should staple or sew them very carefully. The location should be handled extremely gently, should be carefully dissected before the surgery and should be given adequate hydration therapy in order to make a quick heal and recovery. The more skillful the follicular hair transplantation surgeon is, the better he could perform the procedure as it requires extreme proficiency, stereo microscopic dissection and inserting skills.

This procedure also requires the surgeon to have an aesthetic sense in order to pick out the optimal hairline design and also, distribution of grafts correctly should take place with great caution. This procedure is a highly refined one since it requires the grafts to be placed extremely closely; it gives out a fuller and natural look. Care should also be taken when removing or dissecting the follicular or else the hair might grow improperly.

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