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Getting rid of brittle nails following simple techniques

´╗┐Getting rid of brittle nails following simple techniques

Splitting or brittle nails have become a very common problem for females today. The correct term for splitting, brittle, thin, and soft nails is onychoschizia. If a person is dealing with brittle and dry nails, this clearly means one thing; there is not enough moisture.

On the other hand, if the nails are brittle and soft, this means that the moisture is excessive. The main reason in most of these cases is lack of sufficient iron in the body. You can easily spot brittle nails; if they are peeling at the tips, growing slowly, and easily breaking, you have got brittle nails. So how can you deal with this problem?

There are some steps you can take to avoid or minimize this problem. First of all you should start avoiding getting your nails wet and keeping them in their dry condition. There are lotions available which contain alpha hydroxyl; apply this lotion to your nails. Whenever you are busy with doing household chores, always wear rubber gloves so your hands will not get wet or stay wet.

Polish removers and other household chemicals can easily get your nails weakened in no time. Acetone free remover is something that you should use. If you are one of people using polishes frequently then use the ones that contain nylon fibers; this will add more strength to your nails instead of getting them weak.

Be careful whenever you are filing, always make sure that you file in only one direction and if you see any snags; file them immediately but very gently to avoid any more damage to the nails. There are certain minerals and vitamins that you should consume in order to treat and prevent brittle nails. If you see your nails creating ridges along the bed, know that you are lacking B complex vitamins; biotin to be more precise. Deficiency of calcium can also easily lead towards brittle nails.

Healthy nails can only be achieved through providing them with proper nutrients. Foods that are full of calcium should be consumed to cure this problem. Almonds, beans, fish, leafy vegetables, and dairy foods should be your priority. If you have a habit of biting on them; keep them short and put some polish on which will keep you from biting on them. This can get the problem worse or lead to brittle nails if you already do not have it.

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