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Giving Back

Choix Beauty Salon in Plano is whole heartedly committed to making a difference to causes that are close to our hearts and further the well-being of humanity. We are dedicated with our time, money, resources and talent to the betterment of the society we live in.

                                                       Choix Salon Plano Giving Back to Plano Texas
Our four areas of focus are:

1.    Giving Back to Seniors
2.    Giving Back During Tough Economic Times
3.    Giving Back to Charities
4.    Giving Back by Doing Volunteer Work

Giving back to seniors
Choix Beauty Salon offers discounted and free services to the seniors. We believe that helping elders best live their life is important. Personal grooming can help elders feel relaxed and confident. From nails to hair and makeup, we love to help the seniors take care of their personal grooming.

Giving Back During Difficult Economic Times
During tough economic times, unemployment soared to heights. Choix Beauty Salon recently offered free haircuts and makeovers to the unemployed customers in order to increase their self confidence and help them feel good. Looking their best helped our customers find better employment.
Choix Beauty Salon offered free services to unemployed women who were jobless for last 3 months and were actively looking for a new job. The services were aimed to make the women groom for success. As a result, they felt more confident and landed up with new jobs.

Donation to Charity
Maum Meditation Center
Vipassana Meditation Center
EurOrient Humanitarian Relief
Environmental Working Group

Volunteer work
The staff at Choix Beauty Salon actively gives back to the society by volunteering regularly.


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