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Hair Moisturizing – Home Remedies to Apply

´╗┐Hair Moisturizing – Home Remedies to Apply

Hair are the most important part of our body and they are probably one of the most prominent features one could ever have. Rejuvenated and healthy hairs are what everybody wants, with a lustrous appearance and shine. Nobody likes having dull or brittle hair because they are vulnerable to tangles, damage, and rupture and split ends.

There are various things you can find that can moisturize your hair properly. Unnecessary blow drying and washing can dry your hair out. Also, environmental factors such as heat, dryness, wind and soil can damage your hair brutally. There are a few remedies that can help you manage your dry hair and moisturize them to enhance their beauty.

You can moisturize your hair with mayonnaise by gently massaging it in your hair. Cover your head with a plastic cap for about one or two hours and then wash them with warm water. Doing this will not only provide luster to your hair but it will make your hair look healthy and beautiful.

Eggs contain proteins that are very necessary for the proper growth of your hair. You can use eggs as a home remedy to provide moisture to your hair. You can whip 3 eggs well and add olive oil and blend them together to make a mixture. Apply this mixture before washing your hair. Always use a herbal shampoo for the washing purposes because they contain natural plant extracts which will improve the exquisiteness of your hairs and prevent the escape of the moisture.

Avocado can be used either with banana or coconut oil. Their mixture can be massaged into the hair and after sometime they are rinsed. Avocado mask for hair strengthen and fortify your hair. They are rich in fatty acid so you should include them in your diet because they make your hair go from brittle to being soft and shiny. Honey is used on a greater extent because it offers hair with the moisture that makes your hair manageable and controllable. You can dilute honey with water and apply on the scalp and rub gently then wash with warm water. Honey is an immense remedy to treat hairs that are injured and dry.

You can use different oils to moisturize your hairs. Nowadays olive oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil are used that nourish your hair and moisturize them. Several herbal oils such as nettle oil, plantain oil are also widely used because they contain antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the growth of your hairs. If you want these remedies to work, you should have a diet that encourages your health. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet because the healthier you are the healthier will be your hair.

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