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Hair Transplantation is a Quick Solution for Overcoming Pattern Baldness

Hair Transplantation is a Quick Solution for Overcoming Pattern Baldness

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon today and can occur in both men and women. An average amount of hair lost one day is around 50 to 150 strands and the process of hair fall does not stop. All hair follicle have a life up to three months and hair fall when it occurs naturally is alright however when it exceeds, then problems can occur. Problems including baldness, thinning hair and hair breakage are usually caused due to rapid hair fall.

The most common type of disease which makes the hair of both the men and women fall out is termed as alopecia and in this condition, the hair loss takes place too rapidly and round patches of hair are lost. Alopecia directly attacks the hair follicles and therefore the regrowth is prevented and up till now there has been no cure to alopecia invented. However, the affects of hair alopecia can be covered with the help of hair transplant surgery.

When all the ways to prevent hair loss fail and there is no solution to baldness, then people turn towards hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant procedure is ideal for those people who have premature balding, alopecia and thinning of hair. Hair transplantation sues the natural way of hair renewal and growth as it is done with the help of patients own hair which have a tendency to grow.

However the ways to surgery and treatment usually depends on how much hair loss has occurred and how much area of scalp needs to be covered with the help of donor hair. The two methods for hair transplant surgery are FUE Follicular unit extraction and FUT which is follicular unit transplantation.

Hair transplant surgery is the perfect way to restore one’s hair and help it grow naturally! If done with the help of a professional surgeon, the transplantation would be so perfect that it would not be detectable, even with a microscope, that it is a transplant and not real genuine hair!

Although the transplant session can take quite a long time as this process is done hair by hair and sometimes, it becomes difficult to complete this process in just one session and that is why two sessions are required, but even then this process is worth the time and wait! It gives you back your appearance and hair.

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