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Hairstylists At Choix Hair Salon Plano Share The Popular Haircuts For Boys

It’s parents’ responsibility to choose a right hairstyle for their baby boys. The hair style that you choose should be easy to manage and should give your child an excellent look. Choix Beauty Salon in Plano is an ideal place for latest hairstyles for your children. Hair stylists at Choix Beauty Salon Plano provide your children a trendy and good looking hairstyle. Haircuts can be categorised based on the length and nature of hair. Choix Experts suggests haircuts for long, short and curl hairs.

Hairstylists From Choix Hair Salon Plano Share The Popular Haircuts For Boys

Buzz Cut :

This is commonly called as Military Cut. It is easy to create and to maintain. If your kid is very active by nature, this hairstyle would suit him better.

Spike Cut :

This hairstyle would be applicable for short and slightly longer hairs. This would give your kid, a cute and unique look.

Tapered Cut :

This is the regular barber shop cut. The area that is tapered is the lower to upper areas of the back and sides. This will be with squared of corners or rounded corners.

Shaggy Cut

This would suit for boys who have long hairs. This would be a messy on purpose style, and gives a sparse look to the hair. This would look better only when the layers are kept long.

Side Sweep Cut

This hair cut gives your child a matured and formal look. And it is advisable to less active kids. This is done by cutting the hair with parting to centre line of the scalp and brushing the hair, side depending on your preference.

Comb Down Cut

This is a cut which is easy to manage and are suitable for active kids. The hair is cut above the eyebrows and combed down towards the eyes.

Cuts for Curly hairs :

The shape of the cut would be similar to that of a shag cut, but the length of the hair would be as per your preference.

The best way to keep your hair healthy and stylish is to go for regular and proper haircuts. Hairstylists at Choix Beauty Salon can guide you in choosing the right hairstyle for your kid. Contact us today, to know the best hairstyle to your kid.

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