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Limitations of Hair Transplantation Can’t Be Overlooked

Limitations of Hair Transplantation Can’t Be Overlooked

In hair transplantation surgery, the hair is relocated to the donor site or the front or vertex of the head. However, this procedure does not increase the total number of hair growing on the scalp. This type of hair transplantation cannot prevent the future hair loss if it takes place on the original hair. The hair transplant is limited to the donor hair which can cause great problems sometime.

Although this hair transplantation is now easy, safe and very natural, yet it has a number of disadvantages associated with it. The hair transplantation surgery requires a big area of the bald and the scalp to be covered and that is why there becomes a problem when there is less donor hair available. The hair transplantation should take place with equal density all along the head which sometimes becomes next to impossible because not all donor hair has the same type of structure, color and look.

There are advantages and disadvantages of nearly every process and though widely common today, yet this process can be a bit tricky and individuals can lack understanding. Some people think that the procedure does not involve many complications and gives a perfect look but in truth, it does not. The transplantation is capable of transforming a person’s appearance but does not in any way guarantee perfection due to a number of constraints and limitations. Some of the limitations and drawbacks of hair transplant are given as under:


1. Some patients when they get their hair transplant want to bounce back to their active and sporty lifestyle as soon as they are done with the surgery. This is not entirely safe as the surgery needs time and if indulged into an active and sporty life much sooner, then there is a possibility that you might lose the grafts that are newly implanted, which might bring an end to the hair transplant results. Exercises which involves wrestling, playing cricket and running.

2. The healing of the incisions, cuts and scars takes time to heal and extreme care and caution should be followed. The patient is bound to avoid any vigorous activity that is done and being patient for a couple of months so the grafts might get enough time to pick up strength is a good idea. Patients must realize these things before going for a hair transplant.

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