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Major reasons and causes behind thinning hair

Major reasons and causes behind thinning hair

Although it is natural for people to shed some hair but when you see your hair excessively shedding and getting thin; this is a strong sign that something is not right and your body needs some adjustments. Start noticing if your hairs start to look thinner than before and how many do you see now in your sink compared to a few weeks ago? I bet you see a lot more that is why you are troubled right now. Well, let’s see why your hairs are experiencing thinning. First of all, you have to get down to what the real problem is in order to avoid thinning hair; you have to understand the major reasons & causes behind this.

Some of the most common and top reasons behind thinning hair include tension hair styles, a poor diet, prescribed medication, and stress as well.
Many people do not believe and know this that excessive stress makes your body go through several negative check posts. Well, the problem is that our lives today are just full of stressful stuff; everyone is stressed after working long hours at the office, looking after the children, taking care of the spouse, and then being worried about the finances every day.

Why wouldn’t your hairs start to get thinner after all of this? Change your routine a little and as soon as your start feeling tensed or stressed; do something that entertains you; maybe plug in your iPod and listen to a few fun songs; this will get your energy and motivation back.

In America alone you will see every other person taking some sort of medication; the same is around the globe as well. Many prescribed medication tend to interfere healthy hair growth, make them thinner, and in the end hair loss starts. In this case you should see your doctor right away and make sure none of your medication is causing thinning hair on your skull.

The top most cause is of course a poor diet. Count how many people you know who do not eat outside? I am sure every you know does; this is a poor diet. Hairs need proper proteins, minerals, and nutrients to grow healthy and stay strong. Processed food and junk food does not have any of those benefits in them. You need to consume fish, vegetables, chicken breasts, fruits, and other homemade healthy stuff rather than running to KFC every now and then.

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