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Make Yourself Familiar With Strip Method of Hair Transplantation

´╗┐Make Yourself Familiar With Strip Method of Hair Transplantation

Hair loss has become a widely known problem today not only in males but also females. This method is also known as FUT which stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. This method is widely used in treating and in this method; the grafts from skin are extracted and then fixed in the balding area of the patient. In this technique, a blade is used in order to cut out a strip of the scalp tissue which is located on the corners of the head and then the strip taken off s further slivered into tiny pieces which segment themselves into follicular units which are a bunch of naturally grown hair.

A microscope is must to be used in this procedure and the wound is then sewn or stapled and although the skin does not remain the same clear, but the doctors try their best to cause the most tiny scar!

The strip method of transplantation is basically a small injury which is used in order to replace the loss of the lost hair from head, eyebrows and even beard. This can happen to both men and women. The most common form of baldness in males is Alopecia Andrgenetica and since there is absolutely no treatment for this, therefore people who face this problem usually chose the option of hair transplant.

It is mostly a genetically transferred problem to and if the parents of the offspring have experienced or are experiencing baldness, there is a high probability that the child might have to experience it as well. A young boy who is experiencing this problem and is around the age of twenty is most likely to overcome it by using a special medication known as finestride. This medicine when applied to the bald scalp two times a day can significantly remove the signs of hair fall and baldness.

Before starting this treatment, the doctor first asses the risks and benefits of going through this surgery and then discuses it with the patient openly and it is not formulate until the whole plan is discuses and reviewed by the patient and also some relevant photographs are also taken. The surgery is carried on after giving the patient local anesthesia and it is basically applied where the scalp is bald or the thinning line of hair starts. Ten days are required to heal up and the patient gets his hair back.

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