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Secrets of Having Shiny & Silky Hair Exposed

´╗┐Secrets of Having Shiny & Silky Hair Exposed

Everyone wants their hair to have a perfect shine and smoothness without using fake hair extensions. There is nothing beautiful than a head full of shiny and silky hair. Rough and dry hair is a trouble to manage and they can easily be tangled if there is no friction in them which is the reason why one should learn the tips to make them smooth, silky and shiny. Here are some secrets of having shiny and silky hair without any cosmetic procedure being done.

Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients which can strengthen and provide protection against environmental hazards. These ingredients include silicones, fatty alcohols and wheat proteins etc. Hairs are greatly affected by the environmental conditions. Cold air or humidity can make your hair parched, fragile and damaged. Indoor warmth and UV rays can deteriorate and break your hair by breaking their proteins. Hot oil massage on regular basis can provide protection against hair damage of that kind.

Unnecessary use of styling products also makes your hair rough and irregular. Too much straightening and blow drying can severely damage your hair so the use of a protective product is required. If you are changing your hair color too much make sure you are using quality products and those too not too often.

Avoid products that contain too much ammonia in them.
Home remedies are also helpful in bringing shine, luster and gleam to your hair weather you apply mayonnaise or a mixture of eggs with olive oil to your hair. Avoid brushing and combing your hair when they are wet. Hairs are stronger when they are dry and brushing them when they are wet can be too rough to handle them. Use of a wide tooth comb while detangling your hair is effective.

Get your hair trimmed off regularly to make them look attractive and stunning. Oiling your hair on a regular basis can keep your hair smooth, shiny and silky because hair oils contain products that nourish your hair and make them gorgeous, silky and touchable. If you want your hair to look healthy you should try to stay healthy also. The better you are, the better your hair will be.

Try to add various vitamins and proteins in your diet because they can improve the quality of your hair. Antioxidants are present in vitamin A and C that can make your hair healthy and strong. Vitamin E increases the circulation around your scalp. There are numerous things you can do to make your hair look smooth and silky without putting a lot of effort and these steps will surely help you to enhance the beauty of your hair in no time.

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