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Choix Beauty Salon Plano takes pride in offering high quality services in our Hair Salon and Beauty Salon in Plano. We are a full service Salon in Plano for Hair Styling, Hair Color, Color Correction, Digital Perm, Perm, Japanese Magic Straight, Nail Treatment, Makeup and Massage. We offer professional services to match your lifestyle. While we personalize our services to match your own personal style, you will receive the pampering that makes you distress and relax. We offer service guarantee in our hair salon and beauty salonContact us today for an immediate appointment!

Haircuts Men   25 up
   Women   35 up
  Boy ( Under 7 )   20
  Girl ( Under 7 )   25
Perm/Treatment Regular Perm   75 up
  Digital (curly) prem   179 up
   Japanese Straight Perm   199 up
  Keratin Straight
  189 up
Color  Grey Cover    55 up
  All Over    75 up
  Highlight    75 up
  Deep Conditioning   45 up
Shampoo & Style Shampoo/ Style
  25 up
Blow dry Blow dry   10 up
Updo Special Occasion   75 up
  Bridal   95 up
Makeup/Hair Style Bridal Test    100 up
   Bridal    250 up
   Bridesmaid    100 up
   Makeover   250 up


Wax Eyebrow   15
  Lip   7
  Eyebrow & Lip   20
  Face   35
  Body   75 up
Facial  Basic Facial   59 up


Nail Solar Full Set Pk&Wht   35 up
  Solar Fill-in Pk&Wht   25 up
  Acrylic Full Set   25 up
  Acrylic Fill-in   17 up
  Manicure   17 up
  Pedicure   20 up
  Manicure & Pedicure   35 up
  Polish French on Nails   5 up
  Polish French on Toes   7 up
  Polish Change on Nails   5 up
  Polish Change on Toes   5 up
  Removal   8 up
  Removal & Manicure   17 up
  Repair per Nail   3 up
  Design per Nail   3 up






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