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Some important beauty salon supplies

Some important beauty salon supplies – must have these

If you are thinking of setting up a beauty salon or have already began with the process; you might have thought about what all will be needed. Well, just to make sure that you do not miss out some important beauty salon supplies that are a must; here is a list.

Hairdressing chairs are the most important thing for a salon. You will have to pick the right colors with the right styles; they should be comfortable for your customers as well as for your staff to work around. After this, you will have set up multiple wash basins so the customers can get their hair washed before and after their hair are cut and styled. Many people consider making a separate area for this purpose, in front of the hairdressing chairs, or at the back of them; choose the style that suits your needs the best.

Not to mention but some inviting and suitable reception furniture will also be necessary; in case there are customers in the waiting list, they can wait comfortably without having to stand somewhere. Your customers should not see some worn out sofa set ruining your very first impression as they step in.

A good reception desk is also a must where your receptionist can work efficiently and effectively. There should be everything available that customers might need and it should be easy for them to get a hold of you and make appointments. Remember that a lot of storage area will be required as well so all those plenty of hair products and clean towels can be stored well in reach. At many beauty salons products are also sold so if you plan on doing so; make sure that a display place is available for them as well.

Hood dryers are extremely necessary in a beauty salon so you can get your customers’ hair dried somewhere away from your main styling area. I would say that you get a few trolleys as well so your staff can use whatever styling chair they want by just taking everything they need with them in the trolley. This will also make sure that nothing is left lying here and there.

The treatment couch you get should be expensive so it can be customized according to the needs of the treatment that the customer is getting to assure comfort. For manicures, a nail station will be required; several hand creams, polishes, nail files, and their storage area should be available. Get a few normal chairs for your staff to use whenever they are on a break.

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