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Some must avoid make up application practices

´╗┐Some must avoid make up application practices

I have not met anyone up till now who likes to look older than the actual age. However, several females do not know this that the type of makeup they are putting on is making them age faster instead of making them look better and younger.

Almost everyone tends to make mistakes while applying makeup especially in their 20s. Most of the females who are in their 30s would mostly put excessive makeup on, or not enough, or not use the right combination of colors. In case you are wearing the wrong makeup, not only you will look older and odd, but it might make you look outdated as well. Below are some must avoid makeup application practices.

Avoid putting up makeup with a very light foundation. Many females tend to put heavier or darker foundation and powder that sometimes looks overdone and cheap. However, if the foundation is too light it will make you look bland and pasty. As we age, our skin tends to change, therefore if you used to wear some color foundation when you were in your 20s; it will not work now when you are in your 30s. As we age, our skin tends to get paler therefore a little darker foundation will not do any harm.

Eyelashes should not be saggy or clumpy. The makeup you have on your eyelashes plays as important role in making you look tired, older, or beautiful and younger. In order to look refreshed, alert, and awake you need to have thick and long eyelashes. Females who tend to put on droopy and thin lashes usually look as if their face if burnt out or they have not gotten a proper sleep.

It is important that you change your mascara frequently in order to make your eyelashes look thicker, fuller, and younger. The moment you spot signs of dryness, know that your mascara needs to be changed. As we age, our eyelashes keep on getting shorter and thinner therefore having fresh mascara is important.

Lastly, avoid putting up heavy makeup on the lips and eyes. This is very important for all females especially who are over their 20s. If you have heavy makeup on eyes and lips, this will give an image that you are trying to look younger than you actually are in order to grab attention. Keep up with the type of makeup females of your age will apply to their eyes and lips.

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