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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening – some home based solutions

Almost a decade back, most of the people only knew one general way of teeth whitening that was to visit a dentist and get it done. However, as people started becoming more and more concerned about having whiter teeth, many formulas and products flooded the markets as we can see now days. Currently, visiting the dentist is not the only solution for teeth whitening; there are several more options you can consider.

There are many teeth whitening kits available that are made to be used at home; you can buy them and keep them in your home for regular use. Many people also go for brush on teeth whitening, teeth whitening gels and trays, and teeth whitening strips.

There are many other people who prefer going with home based solutions for teeth whitening. A few common and effective ones are listed below.
If you are sick and tired of that dull color that your teeth have adopted over time; mix some salt with lemon juice and apply it over the yellowish areas. Rub it and leave it on for a while before you simply rinse it off.

Also, in order to achieve that lovely and attractive white smile you get an orange peel and rub the inside of it to your dull teeth; this quickly shows the results removing the stains. All those surface stains can be easily removed if you use water with bi carbonate of soda on regular basis. Another excellent whitener can be made by combining dried orange peel with powdered or dried bay leaves.

You can easily achieve outstanding results by practicing all these home based teeth whitening methods at home on regular basis. No need to spend so much money on dentist visits and getting various teeth whitening treatments done.

I have seen many who do not have enough time therefore they will simply run to a chemist and get those teeth whitening products that claim to give you a whiter smile with the very first use. Well, many of these products do work but again, you have to invest in them. Also, you have to carefully follow the whole procedure of using teeth whitening products otherwise they will be of no use or they might end up harming your gums or teeth.

It is best to go with home based teeth whitening solutions since they are safe to use and you do not have to invest anything in those treatments.

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